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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                   63

December 8th.

It was reported yesterday that the King was
dead. Joy was in many faces among the people
of the Opposition—among others, in that of Lord
Derby, who clapped and rubbed his hands with an
air of infinite satisfaction. .There are accounts to-
day of His Majesty being still alive; Colonel St.
Leger's face was rather long as he learnt it. All
the Prince's associates seem out of their wits.

December izth. The King is quite insane, but
in no danger of death. Dr. Monro attends him.
Strange confusion is expected about the regency,
as there is no precedent in our law for such a
case. I dined at Wilkes's, and, calling in at Cos-
way's, found great agitation and mystery going on
there about something unexplained. I fancy it
is some knighthood, or other nonsense, concerted
between Cosway and the Prince.

January qth, 1789.

Lord Bandon has summoned the armed
neutrality, of which he, rather than the Duke
of Northumberland, seems to be the head, and
desired to know whether they were unanimous
in supporting the Prince of Wales. Twenty-five
said " yes "; the rest went off to Pitt's side.